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Blackwind Game Review

Blackwind is a top-down science-fiction action title that puts players in the shoes of a teenager trapped inside an armored suit of battle when an alien attack occurs. Combat your foes and break through their ranks to defeat a planet invasion.
James Hawkins is trapped in the prototype Battle Frame military armor while the man travels toward Medusa 42 after the spaceship Pandora was destroyed. While the Raknos monsters ravage the earth and leave every human mining town in the ruins, James doesn’t have long to discover how to operate in the Battle Frame if he wants to survive the dangers of his surroundings and locate his father who has disappeared.
However, James doesn’t have to be on his own on his quest – an unexpected ally hides inside the Battle Frame…
Select your style of play: Take part in combat melee, shoot at will, launch missiles at enemies, or use specific Battle Suit powers to survive battles.
Your opponents will be beaten with furious moves.
Develop your abilities and improve the quality of your Battle Frame.
Make use of the Battle Frame Drone to increase your combat and discover new capabilities for the single-player campaign.
Two players are able to control two players to control the Battle Frame or Drone in Local Coop Mode.

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