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Beholder 3 Game Review

A warm welcome to the Greatest Union
Totalitarian states that control everything with the help of oppressive laws and complete monitoring and intimidation.
Frank Schwarz is a father and husband who was dismissed from his position as a secretary to the minister. To avoid prison time you were required to interact with security personnel of the highest rank.
As a spies for the federal government, your task is to break into homes to search for illegal substances. It is also your responsibility to get rid of anyone you don’t want.
To ascend the ladder at the Ministry You will have to spy on and plan against your colleagues. Different factions are secretly vying to gain control over the Ministry and even the entire country. use them in your favor.
Can you get your old way of life back? Or do you want to change it for the better?
Are you willing to fight for change and truth , or remain loyal to the status of the game?
Who are you willing to give up to achieve what you want? Two jobs available: One in the Ministry as well as in an apartment building.
There are numerous political parties that are vying for control. Pick your side with care.
You can complete all quests provided by the Ministry: promote the ideology of a totalitarian state. manipulate flags , and promote any message you’re instructed to.
Install security cameras, as well as search offices and apartments.
Maintain your cover through daily tasks like paying your bills, repairing the apartments and keeping your tenants satisfied.

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