Simpsons Pornography Story: Happiness Chapter Four

Simpsons Pornography Story: Happiness Chapter Four


4: Solutions

minutes later he sat on a welcoming looking, brown couch
inside Smithers apartment without any idea what to do now. He
remembered being here once before but it proved itself impossible to
tell why that had been. Being here hadnt been planned that time
and it hadnt been planned now as well, but this fact shouldnt
be surprising. Nothing that happened lately had been planned by him.

sitting here almost physically pained him because during the last few
days just Smithers presence was enough to make him feel

sighed. I told you before and I will tell you again, you dont
need to watch over me. I have simply never been to that part of town
before, thats why I got lost. So stop looking at me like this
He moaned, trying to avoid the gaze of the dark brown eyes of the man
sitting in front of him, these damned brown eyes which seemed to know
more about him than he wanted them to.

he received for his comment was a slight smile. Would you like
something to drink? I think Ive only got tea in the house but I
could go get you some coffee, if you prefer.

dont know why, but I get the feeling that I am not going to get
away from here that easily,
he thought.
Desperately he tried not to look too frustrated while answering:
Coffee will be fine.

days left and you keep wasting your time with Smithers drinking
coffee. Great, Monty. Sure thats
the way you always wanted to spend your last days.

He growled. Again he began to explain himself but Smithers was
already out of sight. Angry because he had been violently cut off in
the middle of his speech, he yelled after his employee, who
re-entered the room right away.

As I
was saying he spat, shooting a frustrated look towards him,
theres no need for you to follow me everywhere I go like my
shadow. I dont need you, Im a grown up man, just in case you
havent noticed.

course I have. I never questioned that He heard the response
coming, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He shouldnt be explaining
himself like this; he never did, it only made his lie from earlier
too obvious. I will go to get your coffee now.

about that cursed coffee, just take me home, alright?! he shouted,
standing up from the couch again. The smile plastered on Smithers
face faded away, replaced by a worried look.

do this again
, Smithers, dont ask
that silly question again. We went through this so many times before
and Im sick of it. Why cant he just leave me alone? All I want
now is some peace and quiet.

have been acting strange lately, sir. Are you sure youre alright?
Did anything happen you would like to tell me? They stood in the
centre of the room, Montgomery Burns left to make up a lie for the
second time. But instead, he decided just to cover
up the truth a little bit.

I wouldnt like to tell you he said,
knowing that this was going to be his final decision. He couldnt
possibly tell him, not anyone at all.

Burns, I have always been there for you when you needed me and I
always will. I promise. There is no need to hide anything from me.

hypocrite. Sure you have always been there for me Where were you
when I heard I was going to die?! Where were you when I sat at Lake
Springfield thinking about getting myself killed?! Where

cant fool me. You dont care at all. Arent you ashamed of
yourself, lying right into my face?

never cared. I always told you about all my problems, yet this didnt
help me at all. You HAVE to be pretending, you just HAVE to!
Otherwise I dont know what to think anymore

shook off the thought of saying these things out aloud and simply
answered: Its complicated, I
apologize. Still, I must deal with this for myself. That seemed to
only deepen Smithers worry. Listen, he started, trying to
give his response a different direction, Im alright, I can deal
with it. I know what is supposed to happen and its fine with me.
At first I couldnt make up my mind, but now Im certain that Im
doing the right thing, okay? So lets quit talking about it.

was todays biggest lie. He knew nothing. His head was like a huge,
gaping hole, not able to give any answers, only new questions.
Nothing was going to be all right, that was the one thing he knew far
too well. Yet it was impossible to force himself to admit that.

see, Smithers said, looking away. That could have been it. He
already gave in. But this didnt make matters easier, in fact, it
made it worse. Smithers was the person he could relate to, the only
one who was left, after all.

werent many people he liked, and right now Smithers definitely
wasnt one of them. Still, he pretended to care. No one else
bothered of even doing that.

know what Im doing, he said more to himself than to Smithers.
It would be over soon enough, and then there wouldnt be anything
left to worry about. He began to feel awkward standing there doing
nothing, so he let himself drop down to the couch again and hid his
face within his hands.

you supposed to try making your guests feel comfortable? Go get me
something to drink! he spat, having completely forgotten that they
had talked about this earlier.

a minute, sir.

he s
not like a drink would help him, anyway.

waited until he heard the sound of the front door being opened and
slammed close again. Then, he slowly pulled a piece of paper out of
his pocket, unfolded it and stared at it. He looked at the one page
titled My last will and read through it again. Every time he
did lately he made additions or wrote a completely new will because
the things he wanted to have done in the first one didnt seem
fitting anymore. He wrote it the first time shortly after his visit
at Doctor Hibberts, simply because he felt like it, but by now it
really bothered him. Too many things were there he needed someone to
take care of, yet on the other hand

could he possibly find out whether the things he wrote in his will
would ever be carried out? Why should he care, anyway? He would be
dead by then, so why worry?

be hard to imagine what comes after your own death if you dont
believe in a paradise
of some sort
or any religion in general.
Sighing, he
threw the paper next to himself on the couch. I
cant believe it came that far with me. Am I THAT afraid of death?
This thought isnt new to me; I always knew I wont be living
forever. And still

always been like this.

He took up
the paper again.

cant believe

He stared
at the words again, but they wouldnt make sense in his mind.

it, Im not afraid.

still looking at the paper, an idea formed inside his head.

I cant
allow myself to be afraid.

gaze wandered across the whole room until it found some photos on a
table at the other side of a room. His own
face stared back at him from most of those pictures, the face of a
man he didnt know anymore.


stood up and pulled a lighter out of his other pocket and set his
will on fire. Just like he did so many
times before. Quietly he watched the flames consume the paper.

This is

dropped the burning will on the floor and waited for the flames to
spread over the carpet. It took longer than
expected, so he decided to have a closer look on the photos. It was
quite shocking; from the distance he could tell that he was on A LOT
of these pictures but now he noticed he was on simply EVERY single
one. Seven pictures were on the table, mostly old ones but always
showing him and Smithers.

on, get a life, Smithers.

turned around just in time to see the couch lighting up in fire and
took a few steps back until his back hit the table.
Umm Smithers? His voice was nothing more than a trembling
whisper. No, this had been a bad idea. Telling yourself you are not
afraid of death was one thing, but standing in an apartment about to
burn down was something completely different. So he simply did what
many other people would have done in his situation. As dark smoke
limited his sight and the fire almost reached the place he was
standing he ran away.

– – –

He shook
off all the thoughts of the incident by the time he reached his
manor. On the way there he had decided it would be best not to think
about it again in some time.

could have at least called the fire brigade,
thought. He imagined Smithers coming home just to see maybe
the whole house on fire. Well, that wasnt his problem to take care
of. And Smithers most definitely wouldnt blame him; he never did
for anything, which was quite strange but not his problem as well.

had just relaxed in an armchair when he heard the familiar sound of
the front door opening. Instantly he froze and he clutched the
armrest. He felt himself sinking deeper into the armchair, closing
his eyes and feeling smaller every second. Ignoring his sudden
thoughts of running away he lifted himself from the chair, walked out
of the room and down the hall just to see Smithers standing in the
main hall.

He cleared
his throat and managed to say: Umm, Smithers, what brings you

you his employee mumbled, looking at him with tears in his

Monty Burns felt ready to face the somewhat inevitable scene that

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