Mutate IO Game Review also known as Mutatio is a multiplayer variation of You are the player of the blob which can be changed, fed, and grown and then used to attack others.
This game was one I made for Pygame Community New Years Jam (theme of Mutation). I wanted to try out new game development habits and learn more about the concept of networking. less global state).
Currently the only server is the one I’m running at:, which I’ll probably keep up for about a month in the days following release. Maximum number of simultaneous clients is allowed to be 10.
For more information on client as well as server issues, please consult the README.
Discord ID #9563: Balt16
Versions explained:version 1.0.1 was made available prior to the conclusion of the jamversion 1.0.2 included minor bugs fixes to the file that related to sudden client disconnections”slim” version are compiled versions in which I’ve tried to strip out any folders or DLLs or other folders I’m not sure it is required to run the program. You download at your own risk.

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