Simpsons Pornography Story: Maggie heads to high college Chapter 1

Simpsons Pornography Story: Maggie heads to high college Chapter 1

It was a
hot summer day, a kind of day that made you want to swim all day long
in the cold inviting water. Maggie longed to be in water; even if she
couldnt swim it didnt matter if it was cold but she had no such
luck. Today was her first day of high school; she was now 13 and was
enjoying some what of a normal life.

Aw, my
baby is all grown up. Marge says combining Maggies hair even
though it was already the way Maggie liked it.

school, Ill tell you about high school. It sucks, one day youre
the top dog and the next youre pushed into rubbish cans, mocked by
nerds and bored to death by boring lessons about what forces act on
air planes. Bart says, watching T.V while observing his excited

Bart, I
told you not to tell her about high school. Lisa says, after
finishing her breakfast of toast and a cup of tea, it tasted so good
because it was her mother that made it. Lisa was returning to
university, she wanted to become a doctor and had worked her ass off
last year to pass.

listen to him dear, high school is the most fun school you can go
to. Marge said deciding that she had enough of combining Maggies

the most fun school? Dude they all suck. Bart says while stroking
his beard.

you failed high school, youre repeated the first year for 5 years
and still didnt pass. Lisa says, her brother was a failure at
everything he had done. He currently had no job and was causing his
parents a lot of stress, they had wished he had done something with
his life and there is still a chance but he doesnt look like he
wants it.

when you come home you would have wished you never went. Bart says
turning the T.V and returning to his room to grab his skateboard.

are you going Bart? Marge asks with her hands on her hips.

going to uhh look for a job.

I wish
you wouldnt lie to me like that. Marge says as he quickly
speeds out of the house.

I dont
know what to do with him sometimes, Marge says.

Im sure Bart will get a steady job someday. Maggie says,
hoping that her brother does.

your sometimes to optimistic to see reality. Lisa says as she gets
her school bag, it was of cause only packed with a book and a pen so
she could write down what the lecturer was saying.

bye Lisa, Marge and Maggie say in unison as she prepares to go.

See ya,
have fun at school Maggie. She had always liked Maggie the most
out of her siblings, mainly because she was pleasant to be around and
doesnt play cruel pranks on her.

drive you honey, Marge says looking at the time; she had spent too
much time enjoying the company of her daughter that she had forgotten
about the time. Maggie was definitely the nicest child of Homer and
Marge, her first words were daddy and she was the only one in the
family that didnt call Homer by his name.

The school
was a lot larger than Springfield elementary, students were already
talking and hanging around the boundaries of the school. When Maggie
stepped out she couldnt believe the feeling she got, she was so
excited to get back to school and meet new friends. She didnt see
any familiar faces except for one

Maggie, how was your holidays?

Gerald, it was fun I guess. I mean Bart attempted to ruin our trip to
California but all in all it was good, how about yours? Gerald
didnt have the mono brow he had when he was an infant and slowly
he and Maggie had become friends. They were one point bitter enemies,
the peek of that was two years ago when Gerald attempted to sabotage
Maggies science fair project and win first place himself. He in
fact succeed, he saw Maggies tears afterwards and he couldnt
help but apologise.

dont cry. She was holding her broken her perpetual motion
device, it had been burnt in an unfortunate fire that she knew
was set by Gerald.

do you care? You won first place, I hope your conscious can rest with
your god damn ribbon. Maggie barked at Gerald while in tears. He
didnt know why he was feeling sorry for her, they had been bitter
rivals since infants.

sorry, what I did was wrong. Gerald said sitting down on the
cold hard steps that Maggie was crying on.

sure youre sorry but tomorrow youll try and kill my kitty.

for real, I dont know why I did it. I just did, here He
smashed his own science fair project, it was a simple pendulum that
he used to explain basic physics. It definitely wasnt worth first
place but the students werent too smart. He handed her the first
place blue ribbon and she couldnt believe he had done that.

holidays werent bad, I mean I didnt go on a trip or anything
but it was nice and relaxing and I learnt to play guitar.

cool, my brother can play too maybe sometime you guys can have a

No way
Magz, He said firmly not wanting anything to do with Bart. He was
a troubled child that grew into an even more troubled adult.

I dont
know why people hate my brother Maggie said, she was possibly
the only person that still showed any compassionate for him. Even
Marge was slowly starting to get sick of him.

worry about it; we got to go to the hall to be placed into our
classes. Maggie followed Gerald into the school, there was so many
new faces in the class that she wanted to get to know.

punk, what are you looking at? A slightly older boy than Gerald

wasnt looking at you. It was true; Gerald wasnt looking at
him at all.

ass eh? He says shoving Gerald into a locker.

him alone, Maggie says, maybe Bart was right, he was once before.

your girlfriend defending you? The older boys friends snicker
away as Gerald feels like punching the guy but if he did that he knew
he would get beaten up.

not my girlfriend.

really? You mind if I do this. He slaps Maggies ass and puts
his hand on her breasts.

dare you!! Maggie says as she gives the guy a hard slap. Gerald
grabs Maggies hand and forces her to run to the hall.

okay? Gerald asked, they were one of the first people in the hall,
the bell hadnt rung yet and students were running into old friends
and telling them about their holidays.

fine, Maggie says giving him a weak smile. She couldnt help but
rest her head on his shoulder. They were close, they might not be
dating but they were close. Last year they had become best friends.

hows Sharon? Maggie asks as the bell rings.

good I guess, Sharon was Geralds girlfriend, she had been for
about two years and she was continuing to grow annoyed by Maggie and
Geralds friendship.

wonder what drugs she has been experimenting with in the holidays.

I wish you wouldnt run her down like that. Its very hard on me
with you two always fighting. Gerald says as students rush into
the hall.

yr 9, I am your dean Mr Bolton, its good to see so many new
faces. The dean was a tall man, standing around 6ft 4 and was
dressed in regular clothing instead of a suit. He looked like a
normal, easy going person and not much of a dean.

of reading you the rules, which you all must have gotten sick with
since you know what not to do we are going to have a little
performance by the prefects. Maggie had wished that he had told
them the rules instead; they did a lame introduction to the school
and being a teenager. It was literally the weirdest thing that Maggie
had seen.

Ok, now
I am going to read out the classes, form teachers please step
forward. A line of teachers walk into the hall. Some looked strict
while others looked a little more laid back.

Singh, the teacher for the academic academy, 9SJ, uhh where is the
J in your name? The dean questioned the man who shrugged his
shoulders. Maggie and Gerald were in the same class, which brought
them both relief. They were taking to a room that was in the top
floor of the A block.

class, I am Mr Singh your form teacher. The class was filled with
nerds and emos. Maggie didnt think she could fit in with any of
these people. There was also a small group of trouble makers in the
back who were speaking while the teacher was talking. It was hard to
hear Mr Singh, he was very quiet and Maggie has no idea how he got to
be a teacher, he seems like a shy man.

your all special, if you didnt know that before you know it now.
Maggie rolled her eyes, being smarter than the schools average is
special in the sense you get beaten up but the students didnt seem
that smart in this school so it was hard not to get into the top
class. The year was already looking dull, the day went by slowly and
the bell rang after what felt like an eternity.

that sucked. Maggie said walking home with Gerald.

Im going to go look for Sharon, Ill see you tomorrow.

She said, hiding her sadness at that. She returned home miserable,
Bart was right. High School sucks!!

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