Simpsons Pornography Story: Springfield Secret Society2

Simpsons Pornography Story: Springfield Secret Society2

Springfield Secret Society

Part 2

A few weeks passed as Marge
thought about what happened. When she had time to herself she would play the
whole thing in her head and masturbate.Even when she had sex with Homer, all she could think about was Manjula,
her body, and her taste.Eventually she
couldnt get off with Homer.She needed
something more.So late one evening
after she fed Homer and the kids, she escaped and went to the Quickie
Mart.For some reason she new that
Manjula was there, and when she walked in she thought she heard Manjula give
her a whistle.She thought of it for a
second and walked to the counter.Hello
Marge, Im glad to see you again.Manjula said as she waited for Marge to say something.I, um.Its nice to see you too.Marge tried to say in a normal voice but she
couldnt.Not after what they did with
each other.You dont have to say
anything.I was is
your shoes once.Manjula said as she
leaned towards Marge.The woman who
introduced me to the society was the squishee lady.Manjula said as Marge was taken aback.Really, I thought you two had it in after,
you know.Marge said as Manjula
sighed.Well, a few months later we
decided it was better for the store to go back to squishies.And one day while I was working she came to
fill the machine.Manjula sighed as she
remembered what went on that day.

It was a really hot day.I remember this because she came in with a
tank top and shorts.As she filled the
machine, some of the juice spilled on her shirt.Marge was just standing there listening to
her story.Luckily we have a washed and
dryer just incase.So I let her wash her
tank top.Unfortunately she didnt have
any other shirt to wear.She didnt have
a shirt on and I just had to look.That
day I closed the store early and we enjoyed the many fruits of forbidden
love.A few days later I got a small card with instructions and that was the beginning of my
history into the society.Manjula
said.The society is far older than we
know.People in my country have talked
about it for hundreds of years.It has
been said that the Greeks came up with it, but there are stories that its far
older than that.Manjula said as Marge
looked at her.But
enough about me, what about you Marge?
Manjula asked as Marge looked at her.That day has changed me, I cant even get off
with my husband.All I think about is
you.Marge said as Manjula
laughed.That is natural.We all have felt like that for a few weeks
after the initiation.You just need to
wait it out till the next meeting.Which just your luck is tomorrow night.Manjula said as she took a piece of paper and
started to write on it.Youll need
this to get inside.Its
at the same address as your initiation.Manjula said as she handed the piece of paper to Marge.There is a special instruction that you must
follow.You must be clean, your whole
body.You can do that at home or we can
do that at the meeting.Manjula said as
Marge put the paper into her purse.You
must wear white satin lingerie, anything as long as its white satin.Last but not least, you must shave your pubic
hair off.Manjula said as Marge looked
at her.Why do I have to do this?Marge asked.Its to go along with the white cloth.You see after your initiation you are pure, therefore you must wear
white and no hair except your head.After sometime you will be allowed to embrace your passion and become a
black cloth, till then you must be bald.Manjula said as she looked at the door to the store.Please, I must go back to work.Just come to the meeting.Everything will become more
after tonight.Manjula
said as she pushed Marge out of the store.

Marge got in her car and thought about
what Manjula had told her.She started her
car and started to drive home.When she
got home, all she could think about was what would happen at the meeting.She felt a little bit better about the
situation, but she still had feelings that she needed to express.Marge ran up to her room and took her dress
off.As she just started to pull her
panties off she sighed.No, I cant do
that here.They might hear me.Marge said as she put her panties back
on.It was getting late and Marge
sighed.Just a little
bit longer.
Marge said as she
got into the bed and tried to fall asleep.A few minutes later Bart walked in and looked around for Marges
purse.He tipped toed to the dresser and
opened the purse.He started to laugh as
he took her wallet and took out a twenty, then he closed the purse and left,
slowly closing the door so as not to wake his mother up.

The day passed like the rest.The kids went to school.Homer was crying about not having enough beer
for lunch, and Marge spent most of the day in front of her mirror just going
through her lingerie to see which was the best choice to wear
at the meeting
.She found what
she thought was perfect and she put it away for later.She did all her chores for the day and she
even made dinner and put it in containers for Lisa to heat up.As the day went on Marge just couldnt get
the meeting out of her head.She was so
excited she had to change her panties a couple of times as the day
progressed.The kids came home and Marge
handed Maggie to Lisa.I have an
important meeting I have to go to.Marge said.I left dinner in some
containers and all you have to do is put them in the microwave to heat
up.Marge said as Lisa took Maggie to
watch TV.Marge ran upstairs and put her
lingerie on.
Then she took out her old trench coat and put it on,
making sure no one would notice what she wasnt wearing.It was about 5 oclock as Homer came home and
Marge ran out the back door and ran to her car.As she was backing out Homer ran out and got into his car.Marge was worried and started to drive
away.Luckily Homer headed out the other
way, straight to Moes.Marge sighed as
she drove straight to the meeting place.When she arrived she got out of her car and walked up to the door.The door opened and Manjula was there to
greet her.

I hope you brought the paper.Manjula asked as Marge took the paper out of
her pocket.Here it is.Marge said as she handed the paper to Manjula.Are you clean?Manjula asked as Marge walked in.I felt it would be more fun if I was cleaned
here.Marge smiled as Manjula closed
the door.Yes, then please follow me to
the bath.Manjula said as she took
Marges trench coat.Nice, you wore
white satin.Manjula smiled as she took
Marges hand and walked her to the bath.Here we will wash you and shave you.They are the same ones that bathed you the last time you were
here.Manjula said as Booberella and
Becky walked over to Marge.

I am so glad the
made it tonight.Giggle
Becky as she hugged Marge.I felt like
I had to be here.Marge said as Becky
moved away.Yes Marge, it is a great
pleasure to see you again.Booberella
said as she hugged Marge.Marge hugged her
back and felt her nipples starting to get hard.Now you two go and make sure every part of her body is cleaned, and no
hair anywhere except her head.Manjula
said as she let them enter the bath.If
there is anything else you need, tell the servants.Now if you may.I will take your lingerie and fit your cloth
around them.These clothes are only
allowed to be worn here and no where else.Manjula said as Becky and Booberella started to remove Marges
lingerie.They handed Manjula the
lingerie and she walked out of the bath.Booberella and Becky just stood in awe at Marges naked body.After three kids, you still look so
hot.Becky said as she took Marges
hand in hers.Come with us, well take
great care with your flawless body.Booberella said as they took Marge over to the waterfall bath.It feels so great
as the water falls onto your naked body.Becky said.The warm water
massaging your whole body as it falls, and the
minerals in the water energizing you after a long tiring day.Booberella said as the three of them moved
under the waterfall.

This feels really nice.Marge gasped as the water fell onto her
body.Yes, thats it.Let the feeling flow all over your
body.Booberella said as she started to
lather up her full-size breasts.Booberella stood behind Marge and rubbed her breasts against Marges
back as Becky lathered up to rub her chest against Marge her breasts.Becky smiled as she pressed her breasts
against Marge and started to rub her breast up and down Marges body.Marge never felt so
good as she felt their nipples rubbing against her wet skin.Marge started to moan just before they
stopped and let the water rinse her body.

Becky took Marges hand and leg her to a bench near
the waterfall.Lay here and well wash
your arms and legs.Booberella said as
they took a couple of sponges and wet them down.They poured body soap on the sponges and
lathered them up.Booberella sat at
Marges feet and started to wash Marges legs.Becky sat near Marges head and took an arm and ran the sponge down over
Marges arm.Booberella started to
slowly move up Marges legs to her knees and finally to her thighs.Meanwhile Becky was working down towards
Marges elbows and then to Marges armpits.Marge started to laugh as Becky ran her sponge over her armpits.Booberella spread Marges legs open and
slowly ran her sponge over Marges inner thigh.Becky got on her knees and started to move down washing Marges sides as
Marge sighed as she closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling.When she opened her eyes, she could see
Beckys pussy just a few inches from her mouth.It was wet, and not from the water.She could also see it pulsate, like it was breathing.I never knew another womans pussy could
look so beautiful.Marge said as she
leaned up to taste it.Becky sighed as
she felt Marge sucking her labia.Nice, just like that Marge.Beck sighed as Marge sucked at her labia even

Booberella washed Marges inner thighs and wiped the
sponge over her pubic area.That is
such a gorgeous pussy you have here Marge.Looks like you could use a cleaning down here too.Booberella said as she opened Marges pussy
with her fingers.Your
so pink down here, Marge.Booberella
said as she flicked her tongue against Marges inner walls.Mmm, this taste is wonderful.I could drink you all day.Booberella sighed as she opened Marge up
wider.Marge moaned into Becky as
Booberella stuck her long tongue deeper into her pussy.Mmm Marge, I cant get this lovely taste out
of my mind.Who knew a mother of three
would have such a taste.Booberella
moaned as she lifted Marge by the hips and dived down deeper than before.Marge wiggled her hips as Booberella cleaned
all her folds and sucked all the moist juice that she could produce.Becky was about to cum from the ministrations
of Marge she screamed out loud.OHHH
GOD IM CUMMING!! Becky screamed as Marge sucked furiously at all the juice
that came out of Becky.A few seconds
later Becky flopped to the sigh and tried to catch her breath.That (huff) was really, (huff) good
Marge.Becky said as she caught her
breath.Let me have a taste.Becky said as she sat up and took Marges
head in her hands.Look at all my juice
covering your lovely face.Becky sighed
as she licked Marges face, licking her juice that covered Marges face.You have a nice taste, Becky.Id buy a bottle of that.Marge said as Becky kissed her and they swapped Beckys cum between them.

Booberella was touching herself as she was bringing
Marge closer to orgasm.Booberella
started to slip her tongue against Marges G-spot as Marge squealed as
Booberella laughed.Booberella attacked
Marges g-spot with her tongue waiting for Marge to ejaculate; Booberella
lifted Marges hips higher to rub her finger over Marges asshole.Marge gasped as she felt a finger then two
sliding inside her asshole.She pulled
away from beck and yelled.Yeah, more, more.Make me cum!Marge yelled as
Booberella tickled the insides of her ass with her fingers.OHH GOD I CANT TAKE IT, IM GOING TO
AHHHHH!Marge screamed as she
ejaculated into Booberellas waiting mouth.AHH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!!Marge yelled as Booberella latched onto Marge and drank all that she
could.Marges cum was trickling out of
the sides of her mouth as Booberella lifted her head.Ohh thats a big shame.Booberella said as more cum spurted out of
Marges pussy.Too
much for you to take.
sighed as she clamped down on Marges still gushing pussy.This woman is a real gusher.Sighed Booberella as she licked all that she
could get.Becky sat up and relished the
feeling of Marges cum in her mouth.Ohh god, I never came like that.That felt really good.Marge
sighed as Beck and Booberella sat above her.Marge smiled as the three kissed and swapped cum in their mouths as they

Manjula walked in as they were passing cum to each
other.I see that your body is
washed.Good, I brought out the regal
shaver.Manjula said as she sat next to
the three women.When you ladies are
finished, I will shave you Marge.Manjula said as Becky and Booberella stood up and bowed to Manjula.Ill finish cleaning up Marge.You ladies may join in the societies
games now.Becky and Booberella both
gave a final kiss to Marge and walked out of the bath hand in hand.I see that you had some fun.Manjula said.That was expected.Now when you
are ready we will shave you bald.Manjula said as Marge lay back on the bench.Take your time Marge, we have all
night.Manjula sighed as she looked
over Marges body.The moonlight looks
beautiful when its gleaming against your wet body.Manjula said as she ran her hands over
Marges naked body.They really did a
number on you tonight.Manjula sighed.Im ready Manjula.Marge said as she stood up.Nice, now we begin the ceremonial
shaving.Manjula said as she wiped some
shaving cream over her pubic hair.Its
a good this you like to keep it trim.Manjula sighed as Marge lifted a leg onto the bench.

Manjula pressed the razor against Marges skin.Dont move I dont want to cut off something
I can enjoy later.Manjula smiled as
Marge stood still.Manjula raked the
blade over Marges skin, slowly shaving the hair off.She cleaned the blade in water and took
another swipe.After about ten minutes
Manjula took a sponge and rinsed Marge off.There, nice and smooth.Manjula
said as she kissed Marges pubic area.Mmm, so nice and smooth, and your smell is so strong too.Manjula said as she helped Marge lay
down.Just relax for me.I promise youll love this.Manjula said as she slipped in between
Marges legs and brought her pussy just a few inches from Marges pussy.This will feel really good Marge, just
follow my lead.Manjula moaned as she
gently rubbed her pussy against Marges.Manjula slowly increased her speed as Marge started to moan too.Marge shook her hips along with Manjula and
soon they were moaning out loud.Manjula
sped up, pressing her pussy into Marge with more pressure as Marge
reciprocated.Marge was in heaven.She never felt this good with Homer.Manjula loved the feeling too.All her frustrations of having a workaholic
as a husband and so many kids, she felt so free and energetic.Ahhh, Manjula,
more I need more!Marge cried as
Manjula bent up and brought Marge to her.Dont worry, I just started.Manjula said as she kissed Marge as they rubbed their pussies
together.Their breasts were squeezed as
they held each other close.Manjula
broke the kiss and leaned down to suck Marges nipples.Marge leaned back as she felt her nipple slip
into Manjulas warm mouth.Manjula
thrust against Marge more intensely as they both neared orgasm.Marge yelled as she came, pushing Manjula to
orgasm.They both cried as they came
together.When their orgasms subsided
they separated and lay next to the other on the bench.

They both panted as Manjula rolled closer to
Marge.That was great.If only Apu could
make me feel like that.Manjula said as
she panted.If Apu
could do that you wouldnt be here.Marge panted as they cuddled.The Moon really does make you look so beautiful Marge.Manjula said.Nah, youre the one thats beautiful bathed in the light of the
moon.Marge said.Youre tanned skin is so beautiful, the
color and your curves, not to mention the sweat dripping from your breasts,
thats how beautiful you are, Manjula.Marge said as she took a breast in her hand and lowered her head to lick
the sweat off of Manjulas breast.So
youre ready already.Manjula sighed as
Marge sucked her nipple with renewed energy.I like a woman with stamina.Manjula said.Marge sucked harder
on Manjulas breast as she felt a warm liquid fill her mouth.Marge stopped and looked up at Manjula.Im still lactating,
I guess breast feeding eight babies will do that to you.Manjula laughed as Marge sucked at her nipple
more.If only breast feeding felt this
good.Manjula moaned as Marge switched
nipples and sucked on it.Manjula leaned
to suck at Marges nipple.Marge saw
what she was doing and rolled onto her side as Manjula held Marges breasts and
sucked on her nipple.Mmm, I guess Im
not the only one lactating.Manjula
said as she laughed.Thats the one
thing that Homer can do right.Marge
giggled as Manjula latched on to Marges breast and continued to suck on
it.They sucked at each nipple as they
drained all their milk.Marge turned on
Manjula and smiled.We should do this
more often.Marge sighed as Manjula
laughed.Youre the first person I let
drink my breast milk.Its all yours if
you want it.Manjula smiled as Marge cuddled
with her.I cant take it all.Im sure there are others who can share with
us.Marge said as Manjula laughed.I guess well have to start a new tradition
specifically for breast milk.Manjula
smiled.I really like that idea.Marge said as her and Manjula got dressed and
were off to their celebratory bedroom.

Lets go and have a little
nap.When we wake up we can have even
more fun.Manjula said as she took
Marges hand in hers and led her to Manjulas private room.This room is only for sleep, no sex is
allowed.Manjula said as Marge walked
in.Of course.
Sex would change the whole atmosphere.Marge said as they both sat on the bed.Manjula leaned to kiss Marge.A
promise that when we wake up, well make up for lost time. Manjula said as she and Marge lay down on
their backs and fell fast asleep.

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